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L3,800.00 L3,200.00

Sold out

Short Puff Sleeve Flare Mini Dress

L7,100.00 L3,700.00

L10,700.00 L5,500.00

L8,100.00 L4,200.00

L7,700.00 L4,000.00

L9,900.00 L5,100.00

L7,300.00 L3,900.00

L5,900.00 L3,200.00

L8,100.00 L4,100.00

L6,900.00 L3,500.00

L10,400.00 L5,200.00

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Luxury Double Side Sherpa Hoodie

L9,900.00 L5,100.00
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Floral Prints Mixed Tunic With Tassel Tie

L10,000.00 L5,100.00
Sold out

Rayon Dobby Print Kimono

L7,200.00 L3,800.00

L3,900.00 L3,000.00


Sold out

Chambray Romper Plus Size



L8,000.00 L4,000.00

L8,300.00 L4,200.00

Sold out

Tan Ribbed Midi Skirt Plus Size

L4,700.00 L2,400.00
Sold out

Loose Sweatpants and T-shirt Set

L8,000.00 L4,000.00
Sold out

Geometric Print Tunic

L7,200.00 L3,600.00

L7,800.00 L3,900.00

L7,700.00 L3,900.00

Sold out

Animal Print Mini Tie Waist Dress

L18,800.00 L9,400.00

L3,100.00 L2,300.00

L3,000.00 L2,200.00

L2,400.00 L1,800.00